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The project saw the demolition of the previous Forgewood Community Centre & the construction of a replacement community hub facility on the site. The existing centre had fallen into disrepair & was no longer viable practically, environmentally or economically.

The new centre brings together several community resources within a single location in an inclusive & sustainable modern building. A multi-use main hall & areas for local youth groups, adult learning, IT & a small community café forms the ground floor, with the design focused on the flexibility & integration of the spaces.

Forgewood Housing Co-operative becomes the anchor tenant on the first floor of the building, which also houses shared meeting rooms & office space for use within the community. The new centre will provide a much needed community asset for Forgewood, which will be able to be fully utilised & enjoyed by all in the local area.

project: forgewood community centre
client: forgewood housing cooperative
cost: £1.8 million
location: dinmont crescent, forgewood, motherwell
architect: gary pinkerton
completion date: july 2016

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