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project: tenement thermal improvement works & backcourt regeneration
client: copperworks housing association
cost: £TBC
location: gadshill street, royston, glasgow
architect: curtis hold
completion date: nov 2020

The primary aim of the project is to address existing shortcomings in the building fabric of some 40 tenement flats, whilst also improving the thermal performance of the properties in order to lower tenants fuel bills & reduce carbon footprint. The rear & gable elevations will be repaired & will then be overclad in rendered insulation, whilst internal insulation will be introduced to the front elevation, at the same time as carrying out stone repairs to this sandstone elevation. The renewal of loft & ground floor insulation will complete the improvements to the heating envelope.  

In the backourts, the major design shortcoming is familiar to many Glasgow tenements - the bin store provision being inadeqaute for current demands & the bin routes currently going through the closes. A key aim of the proposed renewal of the backcourts is to address these shortcomings to provide an enhanced environment. The solution overcomes the existing site topography by utilising the current adjoining newbuild development to Glenbarr Street to provide an holistic strategy. Joined up thinking is the hallmark of successful design.
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