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The 24 no. "Listed B" four storey Victorian tenements on Willowbank Street were falling into serious disrepair & required extensive repair & improvement works to save & protect the structure. This involved full rehabilitation of the internal areas, including new kitchens, bathrooms, electrics etc as well as meeting Historic Scotland's requirements for the external fabric. Many of the properties were private, & in a number of cases remained in-occupancy during the course of the works. The funding for the project was provided by the Scottish Government for HAG & Owner/Occupier grants. Although the contract was on budget, it was delayed due to extensive storm damage during severe weather conditions over the Christmas holiday period.

project: 3 no. close improvements & regeneration of existing tenements
client: charing cross housing association ltd.
cost: £1.45 million
location: willowbamk street, glasgow
architect: alan grant
completion date: 2006
projects I refurbishment I willowbank street
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